The Circle of Light

The Circle of Light is Picaflor Life Energy’s version of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. It consists of five workshops of four days each and runs over a year. You can either choose to walk the whole circle with us or you are welcome to join us for specific workshops in the circle.

We are starting start up a second round of the Circle of Light at Nyhyttans Kurort, Nora, Sweden, 1-4 February 2024. 

We are also currently giving one round of The Circle of Light at Løken Gård, Fetsund, Norway and will start up a new one in the autumn. 


 Løken Gård, Fetsund, Norway

Part 5: 18-21 April 2024, "Living Fully As You" (Centre)

Part 1: 17-20 October 2024, "Opening Up the Heart"


Nyhyttan, Nora, Sweden:

Part 1: 1-4 February 2024,  "Opening Up the Heart" (South, Serpent)

Part 2: 9-12 May 2024, "See, Let Go, Remember the Gifts" (West, Jaguar) 

Part 3: 15-18 August 2024, "Finding the Nectar of Your Soul" (North, Colibri)

Part 4: 21-24 November 2024, "Flying With the Eagle" (East, Eagle/Condor)

Part 5: February 2025, The exact dates have not been set yet, "Living Fully As You" (Centre)


The Circle of Light is a deeply healing inner journey for you to be able to live fully as you here on earth, whole, one with nature and the universe. In these five workshops we share the wisdom of the Q’ero shamans in Peru (descendants of the Incas) and the shamans of the Amazon, blended with our own experiences and the healing gifts that we have come here to explore and share in this life. Through Bjørn’s healing tones from gongs, crystal singing bowls and crystal pyramids and Maria’s harmonizing Qi Gong exercises, you get the chance to meet and embrace all parts of yourself. You can connect to your origin in the stars and to your roots here on earth. Open up your heart to the original light of love from heaven and earth. Begin to feel the oneness with nature and the universe. Open up your intuition - your sacred vision, hearing, feeling, tasting, smelling and knowing. Shed your past and start sourcing from the future. Begin to walk here on earth in softness, beauty and harmony, shining your unique light and sharing the gifts you have come here to explore in this life.

Apart from guided Gong and Crystal Sound Meditations and Qi Gong, our days together contain talking, sharings, energy work exercises, initiations (energy transmissions), energy work outdoors in the beautiful nature around Løken Gård, fire ceremonies etc. We follow the energy processes in the group and what comes to us from the world and the universe so we can never say beforehand exactly what will come up in each workshop but we have a basic structure for each one.

We will give you a set of tools to bring home for you to work with to continue your own magical journey to get to know every part of yourself, nature and the universe. 

The basic structure for The Circle of Light is the four different directions in the Medicine Wheel and its archetypes and then we have added the centre of the circle. We begin in the south and continue with the west, the north, the east and end in the centre.

The South –The Serpent  - "Opening up the Heart" - Reconnecting with the original light of love from heaven and earth

The West – The Jaguar – "See, Let Go, Remember Your Gifts" - Journeying between life and death without fear

The North – The Colibri – "Finding the Nectar of Your Soul" - Remembering and exploring what makes you blossom

The East – The Eagle/Condor - "Flying as the Eagle"  - Flying wing to wing with Spirit

The Centre – "Living Fully as YOU" - Sending out your unique light and sharing your gifts

You can find more information about each workshop by clicking on the different subheadings below "Circle of Light" in the left margin! Practical details of the workshops are presented in the "Calendar"! 

Warmly welcome to join us in the circle! 

Love and light 

Bjørn and Maria