Gong Courses

Learn how to use the gong as an instrument for healing!

The gong is a powerful instrument that has been used for many thousands of years to heal a number of illnesses in people and animals. The frequencies you can get out of a good gong are very complex and affect us on a cellular level. When the body is out of balance, perhaps due to physical or psychological ailments, the frequency of every cell is changed. With the help of the gong you can balance a body that is unbalanced and restore the optimal frequency of the cells.

In my gong courses you learn different playing techniques. It is essential to be able to master strokes, dynamics and rhythmics in order to bring out all the qualities of the gong. You learn how to use musical effects in the gong playing to affect body and mind so that the body actually understands if it is out of balance. Moreover I talk about and show how to combine different kinds of gongs and how to combine the gong(s) with crystal instruments. I also talk about how to use the gong in Qi Gong or Yoga exercises and other forms for movement therapy.

For whom are the gong courses suitable? The gong courses are suitable for both beginners and for those who have played for some time, even for those who have a long experience in playing the gongs. The point of the courses is to give inspiration and to expand both repertoire of strokes and ways of thinking when it comes to what a gong is and how it can be used most efficiently and constructively.


 Gong Courses/Retreats in winter/spring of 2020:

Gong Course 25-26 January at Løken Gård, Fetsund, Norway

Gong Retreat 12-14 June at magical Melkevoll Bretun, Oldedalen, Vestlandet, Norway


Gong Courses in the autumn of 2020:

Deepening Course in Gong Playing 10-11 October at Løken Gård, Fetsund, Norway

You can read about the practical details of the gong courses and the retreat in the Calendar!