Qi Gong

"Qi" means  "life energy" and "Gong" means "method". Qi Gong is a life energy method that originates from China where it has been practiced for many thousands of years as a way of keeping body and soul in good health, balance and harmony. Through soft, beautiful, slow and powerful movements combined with a specific concentration, you fill yourself with new life energy (qi) and make it flow freely in the body's energy meridians at the same time as you create inner stillness. Qigong is a form of meditation in movement. By practicing qigong you also soften and strengthen your muscles, joints and ligaments, you stimulate the circulation of blood and lymph and you work with all your inner organs. 

There are thousands of variants of Qi Gong. For five years Maria taught Medical Qi Gong according to the Biyun method. Now she has moved on to sharing her own qigong method, Soul Journey Qi Gong, which is a beautiful blend of old eastern philosophy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and ancient shamanic wisdom that has sprung out of her soul.