Vocal Toning - Crystal Singing Bowls - Movement

What is vocal toning? Very simply described it is letting tones/vocal sounds emerge freely from deep within you in order to create harmony and balance between body, mind and soul. You do not need to have any experience of singing. Toning is not about creating beautiful melodies. To me it is about letting your guard down and allowing the vibrations of your voice to come out freely to help you release physical and emotional blockings. Your voice can help you create a free flow of energy in your whole body, in all your energy meridians. It can also guide you to your inner core, your unique vibration, so that you can experience how you are in total harmony with the sounds of nature and the whole universe.

In my toning sessions I guide you softly and intuitively in how you can use toning to heal the wounds from this lifetime and earlier lifetimes. How you can erase genetic imprints from many generations back on both your mother’s and father’s side. How you can cleanse your chakras and fill them with new life energy. And how you can start dreaming a new future for yourself and the world! I create individually adapted toning exercises that we work with together and that you can continue practising at home to help you in your energetic processes. In some of the exercises toning will be combined with different movements and a specific intention to strengthen the effect. In other exercises you sit down/stand still. When we work together we will also use crystal singing bowls in combination with the toning to strengthen and deepen the effect.

I wish you warmly welcome to explore the healing power of sound through toning together with me, either in our beatuiful nature room at Løken Gård or online, live!

Loving tones


I will soon present more in-depth descriptions of toning and sound healing in general here below!